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Elephant Drawing

The Story

Another quick Out Of Africa experience: This large elephant drawing, with its less than 7 000 stitches, embroiders in a jiffy.

Close up of machine embroidered elephant by Zanki Designs

A close up of the elephant drawing.

To get the greatest joy out of this design:

If embroidery designs were to be categorised or scaled, this would be on the no nonsense end. Low density, low stitch count and few (if any) jump stitches, make this a "hoop, stitch, and enjoy" type of design. The only thing I would not suggest doing, would be to resize. For smaller but similar designs, have a look at the African Animal Small Drawings collection.

5.8" x 9.4" (150mm x 240mm)

Large Elephant machine embroidery by Zanki Designs

Elephant Drawing
199.0mm x 144.3mm
7.83" x 5.68"
Colors: 1
Approximate stitch count: 6 900

Bring Africa into your home!

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Elephant Drawing

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Elephant Drawing 


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