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Leopard Drawing

The Story

The stealthiest of the African Big Five animals, the leopard, is notorious for its ability to adapt and survive. I was furtunate to see one of these macnificent cats in the wild, once, in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. Although it was very close to the road, we almost didn't spot it. Folklore has it, that eye contact should be avoided when coming too close to a leopard, when not in a vehicle, like we were. Is it just me, or do you also find the cold stare of the leopard below a bit intimidating? Stitching the embroidery design, on the other hand, is as easy as pie. With one thread color and less than 6 000 stitches, you will want to stitch it again and again.

Close up of machine embroidered leopard by Zanki Designs

A close up of the leopard drawing.

To get the greatest joy out of this design:

If embroidery designs were to be categorised or scaled, this would be on the no nonsense end. Low density, low stitch count and few (if any) jump stitches, make this a "hoop, stitch, and enjoy" type of design. The only thing I would not suggest doing, would be to resize. For smaller but similar designs, have a look at the African Animal Small Drawings collection.

5.8" x 9.4" (150mm x 240mm)

Large Leopard machine embroidery by Zanki Designs

Leopard Drawing
140.0mm x 180.2mm
5.51" x 7.09"
Colors: 1
Approximate stitch count: 5 800

Bring Africa into your home!

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Leopard Drawing

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Leopard Drawing 


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Copyright 2003-2014 Zanki Designs

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