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Peacock Feathers

The Story

What can I say? I have always loved peacock feathers. It was not a matter of if but when they were going to be digitized and embroidered.

Then I saw it. The most beautiful embroidery thread you can imagine. Greenish blue with a hint of gold, or was it bluish green? A subtle metallic thread twisted with black. There was no way I could put off digitizing these feathers any longer. Everything else had to wait. This thread, and another one just as beautiful - pale peach twisted with black - were begging to be embroidered.

(The threads are Madeira Metallic 490 and 426, if you want to start looking for them.)

What a joy it was to do these feathers! I have embroidered them on a table runner, an evening length taffeta skirt, and (as seen below) on a shorter, earthy, brick colored skirt...

Close up of machine embroidered peacock feather by Zanki Designs

Close up of one of the peacock feathers on my skirt.

..The quilt below was my first attempt at embroidering on a finished pieced top, as opposed to embroidering blocks and then doing the piecing. I was quite happy with how it turned out, but you be the judge.

Fusion, Susan Wessels, 2013. Machine pieced, embroidered and quilted. Peacock feather designs by Zanki Designs.

"Fusion" a quilt by Susan Wessels, 2013

To get the best results for this collection:

  1. Try to get the exact thread colors.
  2. Only embroider full size. These designs are rather large, so make sure you have a suitable hoop.

Click on any embroidery design for a larger view and more information.

5.8" x 14.2" (150mm x 360mm)

Peacock Feather 1 embroidery design - Click here for a larger view and more information about this design.

Feather 1

Peacock Feather 2 embroidery design - Click here for a larger view and more information about this design.

Feather 2

Seeing is believing! These peacock feathers are really embroidered and the best thing is: They stitch in almost no time.

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Peacock Feathers

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Peacock Feathers



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