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The Story

It started with a miniature pomegranate bush, in my front garden, with some of its tiny ripe fruit ready to be picked and photographed (and eaten!) The bush must have been really old by then, because its gnarled branches were bearing less leaves and fruit each year, despite my efforts to keep it healthy. I painted one of the photos, and that was it for a while. Years later someone enquired about a pomegranate embroidery design and then this ...

Miniature Pomegranates, photo by Susan Wessels

Miniature pomegranates.

...was digitized. I wanted it to be loose, like a drawing done in pastels - except for the smudging - so the stitches are somewhat haphazard some of the time. As is the case in most drawings, there are uncovered patches, so the choice of fabric should be considered carefully. Thinking of it as a drawing on colored paper, with the paper (or fabric in this instance) as a design element, helps.

For the bag below, I used an old gold cotton canvas for the embroidery and then loosely appliqued that onto printed denim. Some quilting scraps finished the edge and guess what I used for the handles? Quilted backing strips that came off when I squared a quilt. The pieces were wide enough, padded already, and the fabrics played well together. What more can one want?

Bag with pomegranate machine embroidery by Zanki Designs

A happy bag, don't you think?

Close up of machine embroidered pomegranate by Zanki Designs

Close up.

To get the greatest joy out of this design:

  1. Don't resize. This has been designed with a specific size in mind, and if that is changed, it will either be too dense or stitches will be lost.
  2. If at all possible, get the exact thread colors. It will be so worth it!

5.8" x 9.4" (150mm x 240mm)

Pomegranate - machine embroidery by Zanki Designs.

125.3mm x 164.8mm
4.93" x 6.49"
Colors: 21
Approximate stitch count: 14 700

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Copyright 2003-2014 Zanki Designs

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