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Copyright statement

Copyright statement applicable to Zanki Designs collections

  • Copying embroidery designs is a copyright violation.
  • Irrespective of whether you buy a design or download a free embroidery design, you do not own it. You only have a license to use the software.
  • You are allowed to:
    • Make one copy of the design for back-up purposes
    • Stitch it as many times as you wish on items for yourself or on items you wish to sell
    • Combine the designs in new ways - use your creativity!
    • Resize designs to suit your specific needs
  • You are not allowed to:
    • Sell the design
    • Share, swap or distribute designs in any way
    • Transfer your license in any way
    • Change or combine the design in any way and then sell it as a new design or share, swap and distribute it

Do your bit to promote respect for the property of others!

Copyright 2003-2014 Zanki Designs

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