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Zig Zag Magazine (volume 24, page 61) by Husqvarna Viking:

"Winning Invitations: In Zig Zag volume 22, we announced an international creative sewing contest. The challenge was to sew an inspiring invitation using at least two sewing techniques and three different presser feet. Thank you for all your amazing entries! Our jury assessed the overall impression, originality, creativity and sewing quality of each entry, and named Susan Wessels the winner.

First prize: Susan Wessels of South Africa made an incredibly creative, elegant invitation to a Degas exhibit, using one of the artist's works as inspiration. The invitation is made in the form of a painting, with a frame around the embroidered dancer. On the back, Susan embroidered the invitation text.

Second prize: Annelies Gläßer, Germany.

Third prize: Tuula Mäkinen, Finland.

Fourth prize: Christine Robinson, UK.

Fifth prize: Stephanie Newman, Australia."

Have a look at my Gallery for pictures of the invitation.

 Marcelle van der Veen, director of Sewing Network (the South African agents for Husqvarna Viking:

"The designs Susan creates from her carefully selected subject matter embody a rare combination of real digitizing ability with true artistic talent."

Professor Annette van Aardt (who test-embroidered some of these designs):

The animal designs reflect an African spirit, while Issie's Little Angels breathe a frolicsome South African sprightliness. These fascinating designs are unique and the dedication and perfection with which Susan digitized them are manifested in the perfect end-products and the trouble-free way in which they are embroidered.

Emily Cloete (Potchefstroom):

"These are the only Big Five designs that I will ever embroider - they are outstanding! And Issie's Little Angels are refreshingly different - a joy to look at."

Marié du Toit, who did lots of test-embroidering for me, writes:

Hi Susan

I admire your ability to produce designs that is real Art. The sensitive "brush strokes" in the designs move me on an emotional level. It is a real pleasure to sew your designs. Your choice of colours makes the wild animals come alive under the needle. Thanks for the hours and thought you put into each design.

Marié du Toit

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